09. August 2013 til 01. September 2013

Didda Hjartardóttir Leaman - Transitions

Didda Hjartardóttir Leaman -Transitions - Roles are shifted and unrelated units merge. Familiar lines are sent on new missions in unknown circumstances.

Showing at the ASÍ art museum, the down stairs area is Didda Hjartardóttir Leaman. You´ll find paintings, an installation and a video piece.

The video shows a route walked by the two people recording video with sound. They left from either end of a defined route at the same time, following the same path, so that there is a brief meeting point in the middle. The video can be viewed as a temporary street-map.

The idea behind the work comes from a solitary, slightly obsessive game invented by the artist. The game can be played if one is bored, or has to wait for something. The rules of the game are that the person who plays it looks in the direction where he is going, or toward the direction where he expects something to happen, while counting to one. He then closes his eyes while counting one, two, then counts one, two, three with his eyes open and one, two, three, four with closed eyes until he reaches the number ten and then counts down to one again. The counting game creates suspension each time the eyes are closed and the count is directed to an even number, as the surroundings constantly change and something new comes in to view each time the eyes are opened.

In the video the game is played on a defined route creating a temporary street-map in sound and image. The movements of objects and the people recording the video create a constantly changing scene. The camera lenses are covered with the hands of the assistants recording, while counting toward a even number and the focus on the images in the video is sometimes clear and sometimes unclear, reflecting the behavior of the human eye as the camera lens just like the eye, needs time to adjust.

With the paper sculptures, the counting game continues, while the paintings show mundane images from the route defined by the video installation One to ten/two. 

About the work, One to ten creates a black and white pattern in the trees.

One to ten is a solitary game played by one who waits. He opens and closes his eyes, counts to ten and down to one by turns. Odd numbers are recorded with chalk, but even numbers with charcoal on tree-trunks and branches. 

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