16. August 2014 til 02. November 2014

Stöpullinn - Ingólfur Arnarsson

Ingólfur Arnarson is the third artist to exhibit at the Gunnfríðarstöpull. Further information: http://i8.is/artist/ingolfur-arnarson/selected-work/

On October 5th 2013 a new exhibitions space was opened at The Asi Art Gallery.

We call this new space THE PILLAR OF GUNNFRÍÐUR. It is placed on a pillar in the garden where a sculpture by Gunnfríður Jónsdóttir, Going home once stood.
Gunnfríður (1889-1968) was the first woman to work in Iceland as a sculptor and she built the house at Freyjugata together with her husband, Ásmundur Sveinsson, sculptor (1893-1982).

It is in the hands of the exhibiting artist to chose her/his succsessor and the exhibiting period is four months.

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