31. January 2015 til 01. March 2015


The preperation of the exhibition comes around and is conditioned by many factors such as panels, managing, marketing, artist, graphic designer, art historian, sponsors, brands, business and more. On-site visits will blaze new trails, to examine the relationship between art, marketing and sports. The market will be viewed as an inevitable part of the art of the modern artist, but sports and the nature of the work on show is a catalyst for artists to adopt methods of athletes as a team is essential. Comparison between the arts and sports in our society in the process which is transmitted to the show. The works will be replaced, and if someone does not get a good coverage he will immediately get the red card and even dismissed from the game.

Ásgeir Skúlason
Leifur Ýmir Eyjólfsson
Nikulás Stefán Nikulásson
Sigurður Atli Sigurðsson
Sindri Leifsson
Sæmundur Þór Helgason

Managing Director:
Íris Stefanía Skúladóttir


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