07. July 2018 til 22. July 2018

Sigurður Guðjónsson: INLIGHT 7–22 July 2018

The opening of Sigurður Guðjónsson‘s INNLJÓS will take place on the 7th of July at the stables and barn of Kleifar, Blönduós. The exhibition is held in collaboration with the householders of Kleifar and is the second exhibition of Sigurður‘s work in a longer series organized by the ASÍ Museum.

INLIGHT was originally shown in the fall of 2017. The exhibition took place at the chapel and morgue of St. Josephs Chapel, Hafnarfjörður and earned Sigurður Guðjónsson the Icelandic Art Prize.

Sigurður Guðjónsson exploits the potential of time-based media to produce pieces that rhythmically engage the viewer in a synaesthetic experience, linking vision and hearing in ways that seem to extend one’s perceptual field and produce sensations never felt before.

INLIGHT is part of a series organized by the ASÍ Museum as part of the museum’s education and outreach effort for the near future. While the museum endeavours to make new gallery arrangements, its exhibitions with be held in cooperation with institutions and organizations throughout Iceland.  

Photograph by Vigfús Birgisson, Kleifar in Blönduós.

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