14. May 2015 til 28. June 2015

The Victim and the Vixen

Women are hidden on the side lines of western art history, usually nameless. A woman’s role was that of the model, the substance a man needed to create another woman, a fact that is still apparent in the last pages of art history. Now, in the year 2015, there are 100 years since women (older than 40) were given the right to vote in Iceland. To celebrate this The ASI Art Gallery will open an exhibition on May 13th where women focus on women. Age, method and the chosen material of the artists differ but the theme is the same; The Vixen and the victim who are unceasingly being chiselled into the DNA of every woman. The exhibition is part of the 29th Reykjavík Arts Festival 2015.

Further information: http://www.listahatid.is/

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